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Who Asked for This? 2020 Movies I Am NOT Excited About



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There are a ton of movies coming out in 2020 that I am excited AF about seeing. And then some well… the more trailers I see the more nervous I get. Everyone is hyping up the movies they are excited to see in 2020 but im here to keep it real. Here are the 8 movies coming out next year that I am cautiously…. just waiting to see.

The Grudge

Why tf is this movie even being remade? It hasn’t even been that long since the original. Can you remake a movie that JUST came out? There were multiple sequels. I feel like this is unnecessary. Why is this happening? I need actual answers.

Like A Boss

I actually was really excited to see this movie originally. Then the previews continued to come in, and now I’m afraid. For what its worth I think Tiffany Haddish is funny and I love her personal story. I love how down to earth she is and she is definitely one of those celebrities in Hollywood that keep it real. Or at least seems to. But Like A Boss is giving me Bad Moms vibes. And that is not my kind of humor. I hope her, Salma and Rose prove me wrong!


This one honestly just creeps me out. Eddie Murphy is Dr. Dolittle! Robert Downey Jr…. is Ironman. I know he’s had a ton of other roles (hello Tropic Thunder) but just…. I don’t know. I’m getting weird vibes from this one. Forget the fact that the whole talking to animals storyline in itself is crazy. But the only person I want to see talking to my animals at the vet is Eddie. Dassit.


Ya’ll have already heard my gripes multiple times about the remake of Mulan. It’s not that I don’t expect the movie to be visually amazing. I know for a fact that the movie is going to be full of action and it’s going to be amazing to see some of these scenes with “real” people. I’m even looking forward to seeing Jet Li as the emperor! But this is not my Mulam. No music, no Mushu, no Li Shang. This is a whole new world.

Legally Blonde 3

Love Elle Woods…. feel like they could’ve stopped after one. You can’t outdo BEND AND SNAP and you honestly shouldn’t even be trying.


This is supposedly coming out in 2020 and im going to be real with you on this one. It’s not that I anticipate this being a bad movie. It’s that still. 27 years after the original movie was released. I am scared AF of Candyman. I will probably cry in theaters with this one.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Do I really need to explain this one?

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Maybe I just have a dry sense of humor… but I just never found these movies funny. So I see no reason for there to be another Bill & Ted movie. I’m sorry Keanu. I’ll take another John Wick! Can’t we just let people watch the reruns on MTV or whatever cable channel they air on? Why have people begged for this for almost 3 decades?

Is one of the 2020 movies you’re looking forward to on my list? Wanna talk it out? Meet me over on Pass that Popcorn and let’s discuss!



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