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Could You, Would You in YOUR House? Green Eggs and Ham Review



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It wasn’t until I became a parent that I realized just how long Dr. Seuss books are. And my kids love a good reading of Go Dog Go! I actually went the route of trying to get the smaller, shorter board book version of some of the classics. But they are still drawn to the originals, same as I was as a kid. Though I had never read Green Eggs and Ham to them.

When I realized this story was being adapted into a series, emotions were mixed. Confusion, because how can you make a 13 episode series out of one book? Excitement because well… my childhood. And I just love that so many opportunities are being created to share the things we loved with our children in new ways. We are a Netflix family. So I knew this was going to be a show we’d love to watch together.
On a road trip to save an endangered animal, polar opposites Guy and Sam learn to try new things like friendship — and a certain delectable dish.

Could you, would you believe that while I was away at The Geekly Retreat these little boys binged the entire 13 episodes without me? I came home to RJ excitedly singing “Watch Me Backflip!” and could not believe that they would start a new show without me. Who raised them?!

Sam I Am – Adam Devine Guy Am I – Michael Douglass c/o Netflix

But upon my rewatch I honestly couldn’t blame them. Green Eggs and Ham is a show that you will want to watch with your kids over and over again. The animation beautifully brings Sam-I-Am and Guy-Am-I (the grumpy Gus from the book) to life. The show while true to the story (theres a house, mouse, boat, goat, train etc) adds a lot more layers, making it easy to find yourself engulfed in each episode and that dang Chickeraffe! Keegan Michael Key does a hilarious job as the narrator, and the show is STAR studded, not that your kids will care. Green Eggs and Ham is 13 episodes of laughs, lessons and friendship of the most important kind. And since we won’t be getting anymore Seussian live adaptations (thank you Cat in the Hat), this team did a great job at making the series one adults would enjoy as well.

Your Chance to Try Green Eggs and Ham

And because it wouldn’t be right to watch this show without trying it, giving my NYC friends a heads up. The Hambulance is headed to NYC! If you want to try Green Eggs and Ham for yourself, learn all about it from my friend Diane over at

Green Eggs and Ham is streaming now on Netflix!



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