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Meet Will in the Official Trailer for You Season 2



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Netflix finally dropped the trailer for You season 2 yesterday and well…. meet Will.

Joe is up to his regular crazy shenanigans in the season 2 trailer for You. He’s still stalking, ducking behind corners and obsessing over Love. I literally felt chills when I heard him say in the voiceover… “Nothing is okay without you, Love”. I am ready to see what…. Will gets up to in Los Angeles.

Has he REALLY met his match in Candace?

It seems like she knows what happened with Beck (are you caught up on season 1?) and it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is the first time he’s done this since she asked “You did it again, didn’t you.” I can’t wait to see if more of Joes past is revealed. Candace seems to know who he truly is and the things he is capable of. We originally thought she was dead until the end of season 1. But now I’m wondering if she helped him do this before? Sis is just all too comfortable following a killer to LA. I would be right on the other side of the US sipping tea like Kermit and minding my doggone business.

What’s going to happen with the bookstore? And all the other questions Season 1 left me with.

I have questions. Are we going to go back and see the bookstore at all? Will we know what happens with Paco? I mean he basically left Beck to meet her fate based on his loyalty to Joe. There are so many loose ends from season 1 that I can’t wait to see come together in season 2. Will Peach’s family figure out she didn’t actually kill herself? Is Dr. Therapist Cheater (John Stamos) going to get out of prison and come for Joe? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I hope season 2 gives us ALL the answers

You Season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix on December 26th!



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