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Netflix First Look | A Fall From Grace



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Tyler Perry is set to make his Netflix original film debut and I am here to keep it 100% real. Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad are the only reasons that I am even faintly interested in watching A Fall From Grace coming to Netflix this month.

About A Fall From Grace

Grace Waters, a longtime pillar of her Virginia community, stays composed when her ex weds his mistress and her son moves away. With convincing from her best friend Sarah (Phylicia Rashad), she tries putting herself first, and a handsome stranger becomes her surprise, second love. Yet any woman can snap, and Grace’s new husband soon ravages her life, her work and many say her sanity. Shuttered in a cell awaiting trial for his murder, Grace’s only hope for vindication lies with Jasmine Bryant, a public defender who has never tried a case.

My Reaction to the Trailer

While this looks good, I am going to be the first to just say it out loud. Tyler Perry has a way of deceiving TF out of us with his movies! You go in thinking you’re going to get one thing and come out completely confused. I am glad for his first Netflix original it’s a thriller and not the typical black love tragedy that he loves to feed us. I just hope he comes hard with this one. And of course, I loved his cameo. I honestly can’t help but giggle whenever I see him in one of his many forms on screen. Either way, I am going to be giving A Fall from Grace a shot. And you better believe I will be back here to give y’all the full scoop!

Tyler Perry and A Fall From Grace make their Netflix debut January 17th 2020! Do you plan on watching?



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