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Netflix Had NO Chill Last Night – The Best Responses to their “And Sex” Thread



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I woke up this morning SHOCKED AND APPALLED at the thread that occurred while I was sleeping peacefully in my bed last night. Shocked and appalled that I have no ability to stay awake past 9pm and that missed the ENTIRE thing unfold in real time. Nevertheless it made my morning to see tons of brands jump on to Netflix’s “and sex” thread that was posted yesterday afternoon.` If even for a moment, everyone let go and had fun. Here’s a recap of the Netflix twitter thread unfolding.

It all started with this tweet.

Of course Wendy’s did not disappoint.

Paramount chimed in.

IMDb for the win with a Mandalarian joke.

NBC’s The Good Place used a gif from their show.

Theme parks even got in on the fun.

Other food brands like Boston Market, Arby’s and Wing Stop were not about to miss their shot.

And then some jokes missed the mark completely…

What the heck does that even mean Sunny D???

Anywho, if even just for 24 hours the internet was playful again. Take note brands, the Netflix twitter thread just brought attention to so many of you that no one was even checking for. *round of applause*

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