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Joe Really is a Good Guy: ‘You’ Season 2 Review



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Hello, You season 2 review.

Netflix’s second season of the hit show ‘You’ was released on the streaming platform the day after Christmas. The official trailer for season 2 introduced us to Will Bettelheim aka Joe in LA. With new love interest Love Quinn, You season 2 continues to pull on our emotions and provide a binge-worthy rollercoaster of episodes. In case you randomly fell on this review and have no idea what “You” is about here is a quick synopsis.

About “You”

Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, YOU is a 21st century love story that asks, “What would you do for love?” When a brilliant bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring writer, his answer becomes clear: anything.

In the second season, Joe Goldberg moves from New York to Los Angeles to escape his past, and starts over with a new identity. … As Joe attempts to forge a new love, he strives to make his relationship with Love succeed at all costs, to avoid the fate of his past romantic endeavors.

The Beginning of You Season 2

I am going to be the first (not really) person to admit it. Joe Goldberg is charming AF. The very first episode of season 2 played on every one of my empathetic emotions. We meet Will, Joe’s new identity in LA who seemingly is just running from “crazy” ex Candace who shows up at the end of season 1 very much alive and well. All Joe wants is to start a new life, away from the transgressions of his past. A new beginning. Who are we to judge? We have all very much at some point, wanted to just start over. And Penn Badgley’s chillingly narration gives us a direct look inside Joe’s mind. He really wants to be a good guy. I think…..

The Unraveling

I wish the saying “good things come to those who wait” applied in this situation. Even with Love, Joe just cant seem to escape his past. And it’s the very voice inside his head that makes viewers empathize with a psycho. Because lets face it. No matter how good Joe convinces us that he wants to be, he is sick. Season 2 unravels in a way that almost makes you forget about the many “mistakes” that Joe has made (and continues to make throughout this season) that has led him to where he actually is.

Peach and Paco both make their return.

Delilah and Ellie. You season 2.

A la Forty Quinn and Ellie. So no, they don’t actually appear in season 2 (aside from Joe repeatedly remembering his pee jar in Peach’s house) but they are very much present. Forty Quinn is Love’s codependent twin brother who just can’t let go. And Elle, a typical teenager living in Will’s new apartment complex who takes a liking to him (because who doesn’t) despite Will’s strange relationship with manager and big sister Delilah. Though two completely different people, they are an ode to the relationships we are accustomed to from season 1. And a reminder that Will, is still Joe.

My Overall Feelings About You Season 2.

I started the series feeling like maybe, just maybe Joe had changed. But throughout the season we get to see that past, present and future Joe will continue to be the sick and deranged person that he is. I love that he finally did meet his match, and that it was not in the way he was anticipating. Candace is the very addition to the show that we need to occasionally step in and remind us that we are in fact, dealing with a crazy person. The “love story” plays with just enough twists and turns for us to wonder how the hell can any of this even be happening. Season 2 constantly reminds us to check our empathy at the door. Not everyone deserves “Love” and sometimes, Love is exactly what you deserve.

I am hoping so hard that Netflix continues with “You” season 3 and can’t wait to see where Joe’s obsession takes us next. Are you done binging You season 2? How did you feel?



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